DEXA COIN Price Prediction

DEXA COIN Price Prediction
DEXA COIN Price Prediction from Crypto News Network

A look at why DEXA COIN is becoming one of the most promising projects that blends social media and communication with blockchain technology.

What is DEXA COIN?

A next generation social messenger platform that allow users to send Money & Crypto Assets with each other while chatting.

A next-generation messaging platform along the lines of WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, DEXA will allow you to use all the features you would imagine: text messaging; audio and video calls; file sharing; group chats; and anything else that traditional messaging services offer.

But, the DEXA project comes with one major benefit: you can send cryptocurrency directly to the people you are chatting with through the platform, costing you just a small amount of DEXA at the time of withdrawal outside of the DEXA ecosystem.

The app plans to support all the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, Stellar and more. It should be noted that wisely, DEXA will not support privacy coins like Zcash, DASH and Verge in order to stay compliant with KYC and Anti-Money Laundering regulations.


The obvious use case for DEXA is to be a more private version of WhatsApp that uses the blockchain to maintain privacy for users, while they can also directly send cryptos to their contacts without having to pay a fee.


DEXA is based in Dubai and was founded by Adnan Altaf, a UAE local that has experience in the Forex and cryptocurrency space. Prior to his involvement in trading, Altaf was the Managing Director of Ziggiotto Gulf, the Middle Eastern branch of international pipe and valve manufacturer Ziggiotto.

Here’s what Adnan Altaf says about the DEXA project:

 ‘We are creating a platform that allow our users to Connect, Communicate & Transact in a way like never see before with the help of blockchain technology. Anyone familiar with using a smartphone device should be able to operate the APP with ease as it is designed to be Easy, User friendly and Secure. We want the general public to gain access to this technology & bring blockchain to the masses!

Adnan Altaf

In addition to Altaf, there are nine other team members in a variety of positions ranging from development to marketing. Most notable is Thomas F. Forsch, a German national that is currently the Chief Legal Officer. With over 25 years of experience practicing law in a variety of countries including Germany, France and the UAE, he is also the Vice President of a leading telecom operation in the Middle East.

The pedigree and connections that both Altaf and Forsch bring to the DEXA project simply can’t be denied. Both are well-known in Dubai and will be able to use their influence to help the project grow in the future.

The DEXA Coin Token

DEXA is a UTILITY Token that will be necessary to access some premium functions within the app like Group Video Calls and Custom Stickers, as well as for withdrawing cryptocurrencies outside of the DEXA ecosystem.

To help spread adoption, especially in emerging markets, DEXA is also developing Prepaid Cards that are an alternative to bank accounts. These cards can be loaded with DEXA tokens, so that users can access the app and make transactions.

Then, they can connect the DEXA Wallet to send and receive both cryptocurrency and fiat without using a bank account.









DEXA COIN Exchanges

DEXA COIN is currently available on Probit and Cointiger.

*During the writing of this article, DEXA COIN has now also been listed on Dex-Trade.

As DEXA COIN popularity continues to grow and the Public Beta Launch coming soon in Q2 2021, there is no doubt that the token will be attracting interest from some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.


DEXA COIN is progressing well through the roadmap that was laid out in 2018, having been listed on two exchanges and the infrastructure for the DEXA App being completed.

As we enter Q2 2021, the DEXA Beta Launch is upcoming, while will allow a select number of public users to trial the app and provide feedback to the development team.

DEXA App Launch Date

The Official App Launch date for the DEXA App on the Google Play Store and Apple Store is not exactly known, but it is expected to be sometime in the summer of 2021.

DEXA COIN Current Price

DEXA COIN is currently trading at $0.0004177 on Probit.

DEXA COIN Price Performance

DEXA COIN has gone up over 25x in the past two months, seeing a rise from $0.0002 all the way up to a steady $0.0005.

It hit a peak of $0.000819 on March 21 and has not dropped below $0.00035 since the breakout.

DEXA COIN Price Prediction

This is a very exciting time for DEXA COIN, as all the hard work of the past two years will be coming to fruition once the public version of the app launches.

With a solid team that has proven it can deliver on its roadmap, as well as a dedication to marketing that sees the DEXA team being very active with Airdrops, Staking and more, there is no doubt that DEXA COIN is primed to breakout in this bull cycle.

At a Market Cap of only $12,185,518 there is plenty of room for DEXA to grow in a short amount of time.

The DEXA Circulating Supply sits at 25,000,000,000 and the DEXA Daily Volume is only around $1.5 million, meaning that it is still in the early adoption stage.

The next stop for DEXA should be to break through the previous high of $0.000819 on its way to $0.001, before doing a 5x up to $.004 this April

The addition to Dex-Trade shows that the crypto community is taking notice of DEXA and new exchange listings should be coming up in April and May, before it finally lands on a major exchange with the release of the Official DEXA App.

DEXA will be approaching $0.01 as the news about the app launch and new partnerships continues to spread, with $0.03 definitely on the horizon in the near future.

DEXA COIN April 2021 Prediction:


DEXA COIN May 2021 Prediction:


DEXA COIN December 2021 Prediction:


Should I Buy DEXA Coin

We believe that the DEXA App is an excellent idea that will open up the world of cryptocurrency to the masses, while also providing all the benefits that a social messaging system offers.

At such a low price and a market cap in the $10 million range at the moment, we recommend taking a shot on DEXA COIN.

If the team is able to continue delivering as per the road map, the price of DEXA COINS can reach up to $0.05 before the end of 2021.


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