SAFEMOON Review and Price Prediction

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SAFEMOON Review and Price Prediction


The SafeMoon Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn.


The SafeMoon Protocol has been making waves across the crypto world over the past month as a community-driven token that rewards holders, while charging a 10% fee for those looking to sell. This fee is then broken into:

  • A 5% fee that is redistributed to all existing SAFEMOON holders
  • A 2.5% fee that is sold by the contract into Binance Coin (BNB)
  • A 2.5% fee that is automatically paired with BNB and added as a liquidity pair on PancakeSwap.

Essentially, SAFEMOON is consistently rewarding the community of holders by charging sellers a fee, then redistributing half of the coins to those with SAFEMOON in their wallets.

The SafeMoon Protocol also includes manual token burns, allowing the team of control the circulating and reserve supplies of the coin at all times, based on a combination of community rewards and achievements of the team.

The result? A constantly growing balance for holders, which is able to build the Liquidity Pool and create a solid price floor for the coin.


The SAFEMOON website currently lists six members of the core team.


The team is led by SafeMoon CEO John Karony, aka Capt Hodl. A self-described Independent Developer, Karony’s experience extends to over six years working as an All-Source Analyst for the United States Department of Defense.

Karony is extremely active on social media, consistently offering updates about SafeMoon, connecting with other players in the crypto world, and has been able to back up his claims on Twitter with real results.

As of April 6, he was in the United Kingdom to establish an official SafeMoon office.

Thomas (Papa) Smith is another member of the core team with a reputation in the cryptocurrency world. As a member of Goldsmith Blockchain Consulting for over three years, as well as having led a variety of projects including DFINI (a decentralized finance solution) and Geometric Energy Corporation (a B2B development service for blockchain, IoT and more), Smith brings a strong resume to the SAFEMOON team.


Safemoon protocol is a mixture of RFI tokenomics with the added function of auto-liquidity generating protocol. A fork from BEE with some added benefits.


The SafeMoon protocol uses a DeFi token that was originally minted by the developers, which was then sent to DxSale for a fair launch.

Once this process was completed, the developers have confirmed they burned all remaining tokens. This means that the development team had to purchase SAFEMOON tokens during the presale, without having their own reserves or a discounted rate.

The developers also utilized the DxSale protocol to auto-lock the liquidity of the tokens for four years, ensuring that the community can have trust in the available tokens.

Name: SafeMoon Protocol


Reported Circulating Supply: 642,807,441,594,934 SAFEMOON

Total Supply: 616,523,426,814,421 SAFEMOON

Contract: 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3

SAFEMOON Exchanges

After weeks of hard work to get noticed by the crypto world, the SAFEMOON team was able to get it listed on BitMart and WhiteBit.

SafeMoon has also been pushing very hard to be listed on Binance and has apparently raised the funds needed to be listed. However, there has not been an official announcement as of yet.

They are also actively pushing on Twitter to be listed on other major exchanges including Coinbase and Kraken.

You can also buy SAFEMOON using BNB coins, Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap by following the instructions on How to Buy SAFEMOON Tokens.


The SAFEMOON Roadmap has started off well in 2021, with the Q1 objective of integrating with WhiteBit and BitMart being complete, as well as a strong marketing campaign from the team.

Q2 will be a major part of the SafeMoon Protocol’s success, as the team is working to complete the SafeMoon App, Wallet and Games. With a focus on cashing in on the NFT craze with their own NFT Exchange, there is a lot of promise for the upcoming months.

Also, the team is establishing an office in the UK or Ireland and adding more members, which should help them further develop.

Once these are complete, Q3’s plan is to move to the largest exchanges, which should give SAFEMOON both widespread accessibility and build further trust within both the crypto and investment communities.

SAFEMOON Current Price

There is some variety between the SAFEMOON prices between the various exchanges and the value from PancakeSwap.

At the time of writing, the SAFEMOON price is anywhere between $0.00000095 and $0.000001101.

SAFEMOON Price Performance

For being just one month old, SAFEMOON has already made a major impact in the cryptoverse. This has translated to big gains for investors that were able to get into SAFEMOON when it first launched on March 9.

From its original price of just $0.000000001, it has already knocked three 0’s off to get up to roughly $0.00000106 in under 30 days.

It reached a high of approximately $0.000002 on April 4 after news about the additions to the exchanges, before slightly pulling back this week, along with a majority of the crypto world.

However, it has bounced back nicely this week to stabilize, while also establishing a nice support level in the $0.0000007 range.

SAFEMOON Price Prediction

There is no denying that SAFEMOON is building a community that hasn’t been seen in cryptocurrency since DOGE, with 317,600 holders and a market cap of $512 million in only one month.

The team’s constant interactions on Twitter, transparency and dedication to getting the token recognized means that the community can truly believe in what the leadership is doing.

The strong fundamentals of the coin including the constant distribution of fees to holders and the team having burned 400 Trillion coins already (40% of the entire supply), as well as the Automatic Liquidity Pool, is building a stable foundation for the coin’s value.

With tweets about SAFEMOON from major influencers including Jake Paul, Ben Phillips, and others, the world is taking notice.

The next stop for SAFEMOON should be to knock another 0 off to reach a $0.0000150 valuation this April, as the developers continue their work on the App and Wallet, as well as the marketing campaign.

By June, once we see the drop of the Wallet, App, and Games, Safemoon’s usability should bring it to about a price of $0.00006 in the summer.

As the progress continues and SAFEMOON is able to get listed on Binance or any other major exchanges, they will be able to attract the more casual crypto investor. This, combined with the launch of their own NFT Exchange and work with African markets should see the token worth 25% of a penny with a price of $0.00025 by end of year 2021.

In total, our SAFEMOON price prediction represents about a 100x from the current ATH.

SAFEMOON April 2021 Prediction


SAFEMOON June 2021 Prediction


SAFEMOON December 2021 Prediction


Should I Buy SAFEMOON Today?

In our opinion, SAFEMOON presents a huge upside because they are so focused on building a community around the coin.

SAFEMOON’s ability to come up with a unique rewards program for holders, a stable Automatic Liquidity Pool, strategic manual token burns, and an incredible commitment to social media marketing means that the coin has a lot of upside.

If the team is able to continue the momentum and deliver as per the road map, we don’t see why SAFEMOON can’t continue to rise before its inclusion on top 10 crypto exchanges really pushes the price higher.

All information in this article is for entertainment purposes only. Crypto News Network is an affiliated with any financial advice services. Please conduct all your own research and invest responsibility.

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  1. J’suis actuellement à 22milliard 900 million. Mais , je sais pas comment les 0.00025 sont possible cette année. Ce chiffre est faisable dans 3 ans , vu qu’on brûle e’viron 300 milluard par jour.

  2. This coin is by the people and for the people, fair launch and a powerful community not letting big finance and corporations control the crypto space, and letting us decide our own destiny

  3. The main thing why i invested in SAFEMOON because when someone buy or sell everybody get 5% in coin and its happens with every transaction, great product and great team.

  4. Did you guys see the that Dogecoin is at an all time high? Mark Cuban was talking about it CNBC. Is it possible for Dogecoin to increase in price as much as Bitcoin has? Would you guys recommend buying Dogecoin? It seems like a good investment.

  5. How and where and when does the 5% go back to the coin holders? Is it recognized in the price itself or is it actually sent to the investor somehow?

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