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TokenClub Price Prediction

With the explosion of cryptocurrency since 2017 and it’s rapid acceleration in 2021, new investors to the crypto market may be overwhelmed with the variety of projects, exchanges, tweets, and everything else that goes along with joining the market.

TokenClub (symbol $TCT) is aiming to simplify the investment experience by developing a unified platform that offers everything from investment tutorials to explanations of key crypto terms. The result? More informed, confident blockchain investors that genuinely understand the market.

TokenClub is committed to build up an investor-oriented and easy-to-use cryptocurrency investment platform which can provide timely and accurate market information, practical investment instructions, active community interactions and trustful financial service. It will connect investors and blockchain projects to create an autonomous, trustful and efficient cryptocurrency investment service ecosystem.

TokenClub Whitepaper

How Does TokenClub Work?

What makes TokenClub so effective is its simplicity. From the moment that you arrive on, you are greeted by a wide range of video tutorials and explanations from blockchain experts.

By simply watching the videos on topics ranging from the Binance Smart Chain to NFTs, investors immediately have answers to the most common questions for anybody new to the blockchain space.

Sorting by topics, keywords, and other phrases allow users to instantly find whatever they may be looking for. Videos are both streamed live and then saved for viewing at a later time.


TokenClub Goes Beyond Tutorials

TokenClub acts as a unified hub of cryptocurrency information by providing market overviews, as well.

These market overviews including all cryptocurrency prices, changes, volume, marketcaps, circulating supply, and charts. Much like CoinMarketCap.

However, unlike CoinMarketCap, TokenClub also has a built-in exchange. Currently catering to the Chinese market, TokenClub’s exchange charts offer visibility of major cryptocurrency trading pairs across the world’s most-used exchanges.

Combined with their tutorial information, this exchange concept is an excellent tool for investors to make practical use of the lessons they have just learned.

BAKE Partnership

TokenClub announced a partnership with BakeryToken (symbol $BAKE) to bring both DeFI and NFT capabilities to the TokenClub network.

The announcement on May 8 was groundbreaking news as NFTs are one of the most-talked about elements of blockchain innovation this year. With NFTs ranging from music to art to collectibles coming to TokenClub, it marks the project as the only Binance-listed coin to include NFTs at the moment.

Since the announcement, there have been dozens of tutorial videos popping up on TokenClub to explain the NFT concept. With an average viewership of over 30,000 per video, clearly TokenClub members are interested in the subject.

$TCT Price Prediction

The announcement of the BakeryToken partnership drove the $TCT token to a new high of just over $0.11 on May 9.

Since then, the token has corrected and dipped back down to approximately $0.06, along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market on May 13.

At a market cap of only $50 million and a circulating supply of under 1 billion tokens, the project has limitless room for growth.

One element that may be holding the price back is that the platform is mainly geared towards the Chinese market at the moment. However, the team has stated they will be encompassing worldwide investors and equally on the English language going forward.

This, along with the NFT and DeFi addition to the platform, means that our experts expect to see the TokenClub price reach upwards of $0.24 this month.

This provides a roughly 400% return on investment in the near future.

*All information in this article is for entertainment purposes and not financial advice. Please conduct your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency or blockchain project.


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